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Press release

Nova – Wind : New Open Data platform for ADMIE


Η  Nova - Wind, member of United Group, the leading telecommunications and media provider in Southeast Europe, collaborates with Independent Electricity Transmission Operator (ITO) for the creation of a digital platform that will provide access to Open Data, related to the electricity transmission system, utilizing advanced technologies.

H Open Data platform will have a Database Management Mechanism (Catalog of Data Sets) and online application. Through the mechanism, the administrators of its IT Department IPTO they will be able to add, modify and remove datasets from the directory.

The online application, which will be freely available to the public, will present all the data allowing interactive analysis through graphs, as well as the ability to download the data via RESTful API. The platform will be implemented in an Oracle environment utilizing the existing Oracle on-premise installation, to send data from on-premise Data Warehouse of ADMIE to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.

The creation of the platform is based on the model of a data-based economy and a digital ecosystem, where data is collected, organized and exchanged so that it is immediately usable for research, business and social purposes. The diffusion of technological innovations, such as open data, constitute a new digital ecosystem in public administration, in business, in education and in general in the daily life of citizens, allowing the interoperability of different systems. Open data leads to an increase in the performance of public services, through the exchange of data, benefits the national economy, and contributes to the improvement of the Welfare State, as society benefits through transparency and accessibility.

Mr. Nikos Rautopoulos, Director of IT and Telecommunications IPTO said:

The "Open Data" project is a product of the data analytics strategy implemented by ADMIE in the context of the development of an integrated Data Analysis Ecosystem. It envisages the creation of a modern and innovative portal, which will provide public and open data to citizens about our energy system. We are particularly happy, as with this new tool we achieve in practice the democratization of data, strengthen transparency and extroversion and contribute to the sustainable development of ADMIE, according to the standards of the most advanced European managers.

Mr. Alexander Bregiannis, Public Sector & ICT Executive Director Nova - Wind said:

The provision of open data by ADMIE will enable the business and scientific ecosystem to develop innovative applications that will utilize the data for the common good. Technology and the efficient use of ICT is the most critical driver of growth for a country's economy, productivity and competitiveness, and we are excited to participate in the digital transformation of ADMIE and this great initiative.

Press Release

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