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Press release

Nova : Leads and coordinates innovative European Union research projects for Evolved 5G and 6G services

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Η Nova, member of United Group of the leading telecommunications and media provider in Southeast Europe, announced the award of three (3) research projects European Union, FIDAL, ACROSS and ADROIT-6G with the aim of developing architectures and platforms that will promote the evolution of applications by exploiting the new capabilities provided by next-generation networks.

  • FIDAL, ACROSS and ADROIT-6G the research projects that are expected to be implemented in the next four years in its context HORIZON EUROPE
  • The goal is to maximize the potential of the next generation 5G and 6G networks!
  • Participation of innovative partners such as Telenor, Telefonica, Nokia, Ericsson, Airbus, University of Patras, P-NET, I.T.E.

The projects, which are expected to be implemented over the next four years, are co-financed by the European Union within its framework HORIZON EUROPE. Nova coordinates the FIDAL and ACROSS research projects involving numerous collaborators who have been associated with innovation, including Telenor, Telefonica, Nokia, Ericsson, Aibus, University of Patras, P-NET, I.T.E. etc.

The FIDAL aims to lead research on Evolved 5G services and networks, promoting open architectures, and experimenting on large-scale infrastructures in Greece, Norway and Spain. The project will exploit the new capabilities of Evolved 5G networks through the convening of the Virtual (Cyber) and the Natural world in order to create services in the fields of Media and Disaster Management.

The ACROSS will design and implement a development and integrated service management platform for next-generation networks and services, with the goal of achieving high levels of automation, performance, scalability and energy efficiency.

The ADROIT6G aims to study the transition to 6G. The research in the project aims to study innovative network architectures 6G using artificial intelligence (AI).

In the context of her active participation in research projects, the Nova collaborates with Research Institutes, University Foundations and innovative companies, in order to increase its competitiveness, enriching the services it offers to its customers, but also simultaneously strengthening the technological development of Greece. By developing expertise in 5G technology, Nova is shaping future technology solutions, commercial applications and innovative business models.

Mr. Alexander Bregiannis, Nova's Public Sector & ICT Executive Director, said:

Our company has a long history of innovation through its systematic participation in both Greek and European research projects. Important areas of interest that Nova invests in include the implementation of innovative platforms for content creation and distribution, big data exchange environments, and the creation of innovative 5G business services. The know-how acquired and the solutions implemented through these projects significantly contribute to the creation of new services, making the company a pioneer in the Greek market.

Press Release

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