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AMD's New APU With RNDA 3 Graphics Technology Blows Up 3DMark's Time Spy Scores


The first reports on benchmarking platforms reveal to us its performance in graphics, the new generation of AMD's 780M iGPU

New AMD CPU/APU has the code name Phoenix and bears the name of the series of AMD's Ryzen 7040 APU. This new chip (iGPU) of AMD features the graphics core 780M, who uses the RNDA 3 graphics technology.

The performance of the new APU is approx 25% faster than 680M which is embedded in Ryzen 6000 APUs. However, if we compare the 780M with the latest APU found on the Steam Deck, AMD's new APU appears to be almost twice as powerful.

These numbers come from the reliable benchmark at 3DMark's Time Spy benchmark, Ms. according to a post which took place in Bilibili, the 780M GPU of the new AMD APU hits approx 3.000 points on that particular Bench.

By comparison, the 680M scored approx 2400 points, while the average score recorded for the Steam Deck is approx 1700 pointss. This means that AMD's new APU is about 2x faster than the previous generation of Steam Deck APUs.

3DMark's Time Spy benchmark

Remember the Nvidia GTX 1060? This GPU has an average of approx 4200 pointsThe RTX 2050  about 3200 pointsThe RTX 3060 he's got 9000 points, while RTX 4080 he's got 14835.

From the above, it follows that the closest GPU performance with the new AMD 780M APU is the Mobile version of RTX 2050. If these numbers do not impress you, do not forget that we are talking about one APU (CPU that has an integrated graphics card), and therefore the most interesting comparison would be between AMD's new APU and the Steam Deck. And in case you didn't know, the APU that the Steam Deck has is made by AMD.

AMD 780M specs

To further understand the "power" that the news has 780M APU, you should see the specifications it has. So, AMD's new APU comes with 768 RDNA 3-spec shader coresAnd  32 render outputs. The maximum clock speed can reach up to 2,9 GHz, but what about the performance at TFLOPS;

Well, h AMD 780M has maximum processing efficiency at 8.9 TFLOPS, while Steam Deck, on the other hand, features 512 RDNA 2-spec shader cores and 16 render outputs, while the processing efficiency is at 3,3 TFLOPS.

Of course, there is a small catch in the 8.9 TFLOPS rating of the new AMD APU. It depends on her RDNA 3's doubled-pumped shader architecture. So, in real usage scenarios (like gaming for example), it may not always deliver double the FPS performance.

Taking all of the above into account, it would be safe to assume that the actual raw performance of the Shaders of the new AMD APU will be around 4.5 TFLOPS. And that calculation seems correct if we consider the results leaked on 3DMark's Time Spy Benchmark.

How we can compare the performance of AMD's new APU

Don't forget also that the Steam deck has a fairly low resolution screen (1280 x 800 pixels). For this reason, even a mediocre graphics card is more than enough to perform well in games.

On the other hand, AMD's new APU is likely to become available in laptops that have screens in the 1080p. Therefore, even if the AMD's 780M is twice as fast as Steam deck, it will simply deliver a Steam Deck-level performance on laptops as well.

Even so, this kind of performance will be a very nice upgrade over AMD's previous generation of APUs, but it will still be a far cry from a Discrete GPU.

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