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NAVEE N65 500W Motor 10 inch Pneumatic Tires Electric Scooter at € 479 from Poland with free shipping


Today this Cafago returns with another interesting purchase offer, as they offer us the NAVEE N65 500W Motor 10 inch Pneumatic Tires Electric Scooter in €479 with coupon ED4495 from Poland and with free shipping!

If you are looking for a reliable electric Scooter from the Xiaomi ecosystem then you should definitely take a look at today's purchase offer from Cafago.

Innovative folding system: The Scooter has an innovative double-swivel folding system, which makes pre-assembly very easy but also helps with comfortable storage, taking up little space and is easy to carry.

Extremely high durability and autonomy: It is powered by a high capacity lithium battery 48V / 12,5Ah, and offers at SHIP N65 great autonomy that reaches up to 65 kilometers with maximum speed at 25km / h and you do not need frequent charging. The special BMS chip It fully enhances battery life, overall power, lifespan and safety.

Wide tires at 10 ¨ ¨: It is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires covered with a tread pattern Cross country, which show better grip and puncture resistance, while at the same time being comfortable and durable, and adapting to various road surfaces offering a smooth driving experience.

Motor at 500W without brushes: It has a high quality motor without brush at 500W, which provides stable and powerful power, improving the efficiency of hill climbing with a call by 20%, and allowing the scooter to climb comfortably on roads with a maximum slope of 25%.

Adjustable speed 2 levels: The Scooter N65 contains 2 levels of adjustable speed at 25 km / h and 15 km / h, which can be adjusted via a button and displayed on the LED screen, giving riders the opportunity to choose their favorite mode.

Quality construction: The wide floor and the frame are made of magnesium alloy, making its design elegant and non-slip, while at the same time making the scooter more robust and stable for users. Its high-strength frame contributes to being able to accept people who weigh up to 120 kg.

Safety with dual braking system: The N65 has an EABS front braking system and a rear disc brake, which helps to achieve a short stopping distance and thus provides riders with a safe ride whenever there is an urgent need for instant and safe braking.

Equipped with rich features: Both the front and rear LED light will help you to drive smoothly in the dark, while the large front screen clearly shows you the speed, battery status, output power, energy recovery, etc.

Note: Read the user manual carefully before using this product and use it carefully and according to the instructions.

Also note that this product comes from its ecosystem chain Xiaomi, which specializes in the best products with the best quality, but there is no Xiaomi logo on it.


Brand: SHIP
Model: N65
Equipment: Magnesium Alloy
Color: Black
Max. Range: 65km
Max. Speed: 25km/h
Max. Incline: 25%
Motor Rated Power: 500
Tires: 10 ″ Wide Tire
Braking: Front EABS + Rear disc brake
Battery: 48V, 12.5Ah
Charging Time: about 7-8H
Waterproof Level: IPX4
Light: 1.8
Max. Loading: 120kg
Item Weight: 23.5kg / 828.94oz
Item Size: 119 * 51 * 122cm / 46.85 * 20.08 * 48.03in (unfolded) & 121 * 20.5 * 46cm / 47.64 * 8.07 * 18.11in (folded)
Package Size: 130*26*53.5cm/51.18*10.24*21.06in
Package Weight: 27.5kg / 970.03oz

Package List:

1 * Electric Scooter
1 * Power Adapter
1 * Power Cable
1 * user Manual
1 * M5 Wrench
1 * 8mm Wrench

Coupon: ED4495

NAVEE N65 500W Motor (10 inch Pneumatic Tires) Electric Scooter

NAVEE N65 500W Motor (10 inch Pneumatic Tires) Electric Scooter



Get it now from Cafago ...
NAVEE N65 500W Motor (10 inch Pneumatic Tires) Electric Scooter
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NAVEE N65 500W Motor (10 inch Pneumatic Tires) Electric Scooter
Get it now from Cafago ...
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If all this is not enough for you and you want something more, then take a look at the following offers on Xiaomi products that Cafago has for you.

To Cafago you can find many products at very good prices, and you can choose the shipments for your purchases, and with Duty Free (No customs).

Their shipments are fast and support all payment methods (PayPal - and all cards).



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