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Mijia Water Purifier 1600G: It is the most powerful water filter ever released by Xiaomi


Η Xiaomi the new water filter has been released Mijia Water Purifier 1600G, with the best performance we've ever seen on a comparable device

The  new Mijia Water Purifier 1600G is capable of filling a glass of water in just 2 seconds, and will be sold in China at a price of 3999 yuan (~ 570 euros) for pre-orders, while the regular list price will be 4599 yuan (~ 656 euros).

As the “1600G” in the name, the Mijia Water Purifier 1600G can produce 1600 gallons (~ 6000 liters) of water in 24 hours, at flow rate 4,25 l / min. The company also claims that the device can fill a glass of water (~ 150 ml) in just 2,1 seconds.

The Xiaomi Mijia 1600G uses filters on 100 mm with a clean wastewater ratio of up to 3:1. It also has a special low water pressure function LPD, which still provides clean water to buildings with low water pressure or during periods of peak water consumption.

Adopts water filtration using a double filter PPC and RO, which can filter sediments, purify water from chlorine, calcium ions, magnesium ions, etc.

The removal rate of heavy metals reaches 99,7%, while in case the water flow stops for a period of time, it will automatically enter the cleaning mode to prevent secondary pollution and allow users to immediately drink clean water.

The type filter RO has a lifespan of up to six years, while the type filter PPC has a lifespan of approx two years.

For the rest of the specifications, the Mijia Water Purifier 1600G it is also equipped with a Smart faucet with OLED display, which can display the TDS value in real time and remind you to replace the filters when necessary or display an alert in case of failure.

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