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MIJIA Thermostatic Electric Kettle 2: New electric kettle from Xiaomi with a price of €23


Xiaomi has released the new smart electric kettle MIJIA Thermostatic Electric Kettle 2 in China

Ο her new electric kettle Xiaomi, has 1,5 liter container which can rapidly heat water to its boiling point in just 5 minutes, while it is now available in the Chinese market with a price of 169 yuan (~ $ 25/23 ).

It is powered by a power resistor at 1.800 W, while the device automatically adjusts the temperature selected with the STRIX thermostat.

The new MIJIA electric kettle it has multiple functions to support different heating options and can be used to heat tap water, clean water, as well as other modes of operation.

You can use the dedicated boil button for instant heating to the highest temperature and it has up to four different temperature settings to meet different boiling water needs. Temperature options include 45℃, 60℃, 85℃, but also the complete boiling in 100 ℃.

The electric kettle is designed with safety in mind, and both the body of the device and the inner tank are a single solid piece, which prevents water from entering the gaps.

The cover also prevents the steam from scalding the user and is generally very safe to use. The device has one LED digital display in the lower part that shows us the temperature of the liquid in real time, so we can easily know what stage the heating is at.

The new MIJIA Thermostatic Electric Kettle 2 has triple electrical protection which protects users from electric shock and burns, and is available in China in white color, priced at 169 yuan (~ 25 dollars / 23 euros).

Global availability of MIJIA's new electric kettle is not known at this time.

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