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Mijia S1 : Launches a new line of quality kitchen and bathroom faucets


This morning, Xiaomi's first line of bathroom and kitchen products, under the Mijia Brand Name, was launched

Η new line of bathroom and kitchen products Mijia S1, will start to be pre-sold in the Chinese market from today, and will become widely available in the market from August 8.

The Mijia S1 series includes a total of four new products:

Mijia S1 shower head

This showerhead comes with controlled pressure and temperature, priced at 1099 yuan (~ 160 euros).

Regarding its specifications, it comes with the ability to control the temperature and water pressure with high precision, so that, as the company emphasizes, it gives "a new showering experience for the whole family».

It has a large storage shelf made of durable glass, central switch, independent temperature adjustment without steps, constant temperature with one turn of the flow switch, four different switches to adjust the water flow, fixed shower with three different functions, hand shower with dual function and brass body core and Class A valve for durability.

Mijia S1 sliding basin faucet

The second product is a pull-out basin faucet for the kitchen, priced at 359 yuan (~ 52 euros).

In the specifications of this product we have the possibility of spraying water in three different ways: as a fountain, water under pressure and silent flow of water without pressure. It also has and removable rubber hose 38 cm long and supports the 720 degree rotation.

Mijia S1 Collapsible Kitchen Faucet

The third product in the series is a folding kitchen faucet priced at 399 yuan (~ 58 euros).

In terms of its specifications, as stated by the company, you can brush, wash and clean the kitchen sink without stress. This faucet comes with two water brushes which effectively cleans large dishes, sprays water under pressure to remove surface stains such as vegetable leaves, has 360 degree rotatable and has too removable tube 32 cm long.

Mijia Mouthwash Foamer S1

The fourth product in the series is an additional special rotation system and priced at 49 yuan (~ 7 euros).

This special additional accessory can be easily placed on any faucet and you have the ability to rotate its head to incredibly large angles, which will help you with easy tapping.

The new add-on Mouthwash Foamer S1 features a thin arched design that is capable of creating a gentle column of water. It has a special rotary pressure system with a double round head, so that the water pressure is evenly distributed, and it has the 720 degree rotatable.

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