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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3: New teaser implies that it will be IP67 or IP68 certified

Δnot a day has passed since the previous Teaser released by xiaomi, in which we learned that the device will probably be the first in the world to have 10GB Ram, and will be compatible with the next generation of 5G networks, and today a new Teaser comes to literally stir the waters in the field of mobile phones, as it may suggest that the Mi Mix 3 can, in addition to all the above, come to us with IP67 or IP68 certification, ie it will be waterproof.

If this is the case, of course, it will certainly make many of Xiaomi's competitors talk, as it will now be difficult for another manufacturer to follow in the short term.

Of course, this is very difficult to do, as the waterproofing of the camera slide mechanism that the device has, does not leave much room for complete waterproofing, because it is technically very difficult to achieve.

However, the Mi Mix 3 does not cease to be in the center of interest for many people, as it has features that make it perhaps the most Premium device for 2018, but also for 2019.

With Amoled screen that will have almost 100% coverage (Full bezelless), 10GB RAM, 5G network support, Snapdragon 845, IP67 or IP68 certification, Slider mechanism for the Selfie camera, fast wireless charging up to a maximum power of 50W,  and the fantastic build quality that Xiaomi is used to with the ceramic body, it is difficult to find a competitor that will follow it.

There is still some time left until the official release of the device, and with each passing day it is certain that we will learn something new about the capabilities of Mi Mix 3.


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