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Watch the Mi 11 Lite Unboxing Video: Officially Comes March 29 with the Mi 11 Pro and Mi Notebook Pro

Η Xiaomi, officially announced today that it will host on 29 March, two parallel events for the presentation of new products ..

Κthe two events entitled "2021 New Product Launch»Will be made in parallel not only in China, but also worldwide.

The global (Global) global event that we are directly interested in, will start at 19:30 GMT +8 (13: 30 GMT time).

As the company has not confirmed which products will be presented at the event, we are expected to learn more about them in the coming days, as Xiaomi continues to share new posters and teasers to keep consumer interest high.

Rumors so far indicate that Xiaomi will likely launch some high-tech devices, including new variants of the series My 11 - τα We 11 Pro and Mi 11 Lite. There is also the possibility of announcing the long-awaited folding smartphone of the series We MIX.

As for Mi 11 Lite, the packages of the device in some Live photos, along with one have been leaked on the internet Unboxing Video device.

In addition, a new premium laptop, the Mi Notebook Pro, which will probably be announced at the same event, as the company has already released teasers for it, along with many other products.

To find out for sure exactly what the company has on its sleeve, we will have to wait a few more days.

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