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Press release

LG's new campaign "We All Deserve A Little Magic" invites you to discover the magic through its products

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Η LG designs products that frame the vision for a Better Life with more Magic for Everyone

Η LG Electronics (LG) with her campaign "We All Served A Little Magic” opens up a new, magical world for 2023, as it was created to remind you that “it's worth putting some magic in your life» through its products.

LG is a company that aims to elevate your everyday life by adding “a little bit of magic". Innovative LG products provide more than quality in your routine and invite you to find the magic hidden in the simple moments. With their technological excellence, they offer an innovative lifestyle, accessible to everyone, at every moment of your daily life.

One of these products is the refrigerator LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door® which is designed to upgrade the kitchen and keep food fresh. With just two taps on the extremely elegant ultra-sleek refrigerator door, you have the ability to see what's inside, without having to open the door.

The large smooth LED-illuminated panel provides visual access to the inside of the refrigerator so themagical» his properties level up and shed light, when there is darkness, with just two hits. In addition, the operation Door-in-Door® reduces cold air loss, keeping food fresh and saving energy.

If you need a washing machine that saves time, energy and water while protecting clothes and reducing your carbon footprint, LG has you covered with its smart washing machines with advanced features and AAA performance, good energy class rating, spin performance and noise level[1]. The advanced mode TurboWash™ 360˚ which is available in most LG washing machines, achieves optimal washing in just 39 minutes[2].

It's all thanks to a powerful combination of technologies that magically make your daily laundry easier than ever. The 3D multi spray, with four spray nozzles, shoots jets of water in four different directions at the same time, washing clothes from every angle.

For those who want to enjoy unique experiences viewing content on your TV, the OLED evo LG TVs have all the technological features that put you in the atmosphere of what you are watching and, in a magical way, you become a part of it! The televisions LG OLED evo are renowned for their excellent image quality. They offer vivid, accurate colors with deep blacks and an unlimited contrast ratio, for images that are extremely vivid, turning the viewer into a central character of the film and the action. Finally, the upgraded new models offer higher brightness and color accuracy, as well as stunning sharpness and detail, thanks to the precision and performance of the technology LG OLED evo and the new one a9 AI Processor Gen6.

At the same time, the unsurpassed LG TONE Free EarBuds3 combine their unique design with smart functions. Function Active Noise Cancellation that they have is specially designed to reduce the high-frequency noises that are produced every day in the urban environment so that you can focus on the magic of the moment. In addition, they have built-in high-performance microphones for maximum call quality.

Finally, if you are looking for the ultimate laptop this is the series LG gram4 is the ideal choice. It delivers both power and portability, packing top-of-the-line specs into sleek, ultra-lightweight models that make it easy to take anywhere.

Laptops LG gram Style, feature a sleek glass design that makes each of the available color options glow and change dynamically as it moves and changes depending on the light and angle. The emphasis on design continues inside the new grams, where a "hidden" touchpad with soft LED backlight lights up at the user's touch, offering a literally "magical» user experience.

Through their daily use, LG products support people who lead different lifestyles and have many different expectations for their daily life and what they choose to enjoy. The common denominator remains the company's commitment and care towards satisfying these multifaceted demands, for a better and more magical life for everyone with technology solutions that "speak" not only to your needs, but also to your heart.

More information about the campaign "We All Deserve A Little Magic” can be found at: (

[1] LG internal laboratory tests based on EN60456:2016/A11:2020 of model F6V7RWP1WE. The energy, spin and noise classes are in accordance with the EU 2019/2014 standard. The result may depend on the usage environment. Features vary by model.

[2] The test was performed by Intertek in March 2019, and was based on IEC 60456 : version 5.0. TurboWash39 cycle with half load. Results may vary depending on the environment.

[3] LG TONE Free EarBuds are not available in Greece.

[4] The LG gram series is not available in Greece.

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