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Refresh your sound and enjoy the immersive audio experience of the LG TONE Free

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Do you like to live the moments to the fullest and enjoy them as they deserve? Do you like music, games and series and you want to enjoy everything wherever you are, without outside noises?

Τα LG tone free, with their comfort and style, have all these features you want and can take your listening experience to the next level.

With crystal clear sound, they meet all needs and combine unique design with smart features. With the Active Noise Cancellation effectively block external sounds as the enhanced driver unit can detect and cancel out noise, creating a riveting high-fidelity audio experience. They are water resistant, with degree of protection IPX4 and can be easily and quickly connected to computers running Windows 10.

The LG TONE Free FP5 are designed to meet the needs of the difficult and demanding daily life and with the function of the fast charge of 5 minutes you will never run out of battery.

In addition, with 3D Sound Stage, you can enjoy the music you love, the movies and TV shows you like and play games. Thanks to TMMeridian HSP technology that simulates the listening experience, LG tone free will offer you really clear sound that spreads throughout the space. The headphones LG tone free have a three-microphone layout designed to reduce ambient noise and clear listening. Conversations seem more natural, loud and clear.

The headphones LG TONE Free FP5 They have comfortable medical type gels, made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic silicone, so that you can wear them all day without bothering you while the three different sizes (large, medium, small) cover the different needs of users and promise a comfortable and elegant application.

At the same time, you can connect your headphones to the TONE Free application and unlock new features or upgrade existing ones with regular software updates. You can also choose surround sound or adjust the volume, modify them EQ settings according to your musical tastes and change the handling of the touch surface according to your daily habits. The connection to the application allows you to listen to SMS messages that come to the mobile phone as it allows the headset to read them and you to continue doing what it does without having to look at your phone.

Whatever your need, the only sure thing is that you should not miss a pair of wireless headphones that combine premium sound quality in a small device.

Press Release

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