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Get the KKMOON 4 ″ 1080P Three Lens Car DVR at € 26.55 with coupon


ΑWe told you that you can get a car DVR with 1080P recording, and it has 3 cameras, with a price under € 30, you would definitely not believe it. But Cafago has now given us a coupon for all of you, with which you can now buy it KKMOON 4 ″ 1080P Three Lens Car DVR at 26.55 €, making use of the coupon L5571K1.

KKMOON can continuously record the road in front of you in 1080P FULL HD. It consists of three cameras - 1 front, 1 indoor passenger recording, and an outdoor camera with lighting, for use as a Park Assistant, which provide complete surveillance and driving safety.

The KKMON also has a 4-inch screen through which you can see in real time all the recordings you make, but also to have contact with the passengers of your car, without having to lose your attention from the road during driving.

With the navigation keys on the side of the screen, it is easy to select the cameras you want to view on the screen, and manage all the parameters of your recordings.



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In Cafago you can find many products at very good prices, and you can choose the shipments for your purchases, and with Duty Free (No customs).

Their shipments are fast and support all payment methods (PayPal - and all cards).


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