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Apple : May cancel solid-state buttons for upcoming iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max

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The iPhone 15 Pro in the upcoming years, while iPhone 15 Pro Max it is possible that they do not have the solid-state buttons which we have been hearing for months

At least this is what the reliable Apple analyst claims, Ming-Chi Kuo, in his last article, stating that there are “technical issues that have not been resolved".

Rumors want the series' volume rocker and notification slider iPhone 15 Pro to abandon the classic clickable button. They were supposed to get a capacitive touch button, like the home button on older iPhones.

Such a move would affect her Cirrus Logic which was expected to build the dedicated microprocessor for the new buttons, the AAC Technologies which would supply me Taptic Engine and Luxshare ICT, according to Kuo.

At the same time, the 9to5Mac states that its analyst Haitong Tech Jeff Pu, who has a mixed track record, said he has heard from sources familiar with Apple's supply chain that the iPhone 15 Pro will likely retain physical buttons. That's because solid-state buttons would require three new haptic motors inside the iPhone 15 Pro, and that would complicate the design.

The products are still under development EVT (in the period of internal validation and testing), which means that this decision may be reversed and we may eventually see the new technology become available in the next Smartphones of the series iPhone 15 Pro .

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