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MIUI: How to remove ads from your Xiaomi devices (Instructions)


The MIUI it has several ads embedded for quite some time now, and many users want to remove them from Xiaomi Smartphones their

Σday, we will try to help you get rid of these ads on Xiaomi devices with two ways and we will explain why they exist on your devices.

Why does Xiaomi use ads on MIUI?

MIUI is Xiaomi's favorite Android Skin that powers millions of devices in the Chinese and global market, but it is a ROM that has several ads. Compared to other ROMs on the market, Xiaomi's MIUI has integrated ads because it focuses primarily on the Chinese market, and the company's developer team has determined that ads are an important part of ROMs.

Advertising provides a powerful source of revenue for the company to enable it to keep its devices at a lower cost and final market price. However, it is certain that the ads running on the system applications are annoying and everyone is looking for some way to remove them from their Xiaomi devices.

How can I remove ads on Xiaomi Smartphone?

Getting rid of these annoying applications unfortunately requires some action to disable them - one by one in each application separately, however, after completing all these steps, your Xiaomi device will now be ad-free!

Of course, there are other ways to get rid of these ads, but this requires advanced knowledge on Android - you need to unlock Bootlader and install Magisk for Root, so as you understand this process involves some risks. So let's go to the list of applications and the steps to turn off ads on them.

Disable the MSA application

This is a system application on your device that means MIUI System Ads, which is quite ironic. Disabling this application will help you get rid of many of the problems on your device.

To turn off ads on MSA application:

  • Open Settings
  • Go to Advanced Settings
  • Click on Warranty & revocation
  • Find it msa and disable it

Remove personal ad suggestions

To turn off personal ad suggestions:

  • Open the app Mi Security
  • Click on the icon settings in the upper right corner
  • Turn it off receiving proposals
  • Return to the main settings screen
  • Select them Clearer settings and turn it off as well

Remove Ads on Mi Music

To turn off ads in Mi Music

  • Open the app Mi Music
  • Select them Settings in the upper left hamburger menu
  • Open them Advanced settings
  • Turn it off receiving proposals

Remove the ads in Mi Video

To turn off ads on My Video:

  • Open the app We Video
  • Open the menu My Account
  • Open them Settings
  • Turn them off online suggestions
  • Turn them off Push alerts

Remove ads in Mi File Manager

To turn off ads on I File Manager:

  • Open the app I File Manager
  • Select them  Settings in the upper left hamburger menu
  • Open it About
  • Turn them off Suggestions

Remove Ads in Downloads

To turn off ads on Downloads:

  • Open the app Downloads
  • Select them Settings in the upper left hamburger menu
  • Turn it off display suggested content

Remove ads in Mi Browser

To turn off ads on My Browser:

  • Open the application My Browser
  • Click on the hamburger menu in the lower right and select them Settings
  • Select it Privacy and security
  • Turn them off Personalized services

Remove ads in folders

To turn off ads in folders:

  • Select the folder in which you want to turn off ads
  • Click on the folder name
  • Disable the section Promoted applications if it appears

Remove Ads in MIUI Applications Themes

To turn off ads on Topics:

  • Open the application MIUI Themes
  • Open the menu My page
  • Select them Settings
  • Turn them off Suggestions

There are many ads, but you can get rid of them this way.

How can I remove ads on Xiaomi in a simpler way?

If you do not want to deal with it this way, there may be some modifications Custom ROM for your device such as Greek XTRV ROM that will help you get rid of these annoying ads.

These ROMs are most often based on fixed or beta versions of MIUI China and contain many additional features and less bloatware. However, being able to install these ROMs can be a difficult process for a beginner, as it requires unlock the bootloader of the device and Flash of the XTRV ROM which you will download from the links we give you every time we have new distributions.

We have posted some related guides on our community forums, and if you need help you will have it from our experienced members and administrators in our community.

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