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Woobox : Customize the way MIUI works on your device (Installation Instructions)


In this article we guide you on how to install Woobox to further customize the way MIUI works on your Xiaomi device

The Xiaomi MIUI is one of the best Android Skin which is present in all the Smartphones of the company, which offers you a multitude of customizations and features, which make it unique and popular.

But there are probably some "annoying" functions and features that many of you would like to get rid of. This is where Woobox comes in, which is a useful tool that will help you customize MIUI even more, as long as you have a device that has an unlocked Bootloader.

What is Woobox

The Woobox is LSPosed Module which is specialized in MIUI customization and contains many useful features. For example, you can remove from MIUI the waiting 10 seconds in USB debugging, replace the Stock apps present in MIUI with an older version (which is very useful when the newer version has Bugs), customize the system Launcher, make various adjustments to the MIUI status bar, etc.


We should clarify before you continue, that to be able to install Woobox, you should already have unlocked Bootloader on your device as well as having it installed Magisk for Root of your device along with the LSPosed Module.

  1. LSPosed , if you don't have LSPosed, you can install it by following this article .
  2. Magisk , if you don't have Magisk, you can install it by following this article .

How to install Woobox

  • Open the app LSPosed and go to the tab Downloads. Then search for “woobox". Then tap on the 2nd section. After that, go to Releases tab and press the key Modules. Then you will see the download link, tap and download. Then install the APK file.
  • You will see a notification from the app LSPosed, tap on it and select it woobox. Subsequently activate the Module. It will select the necessary applications by itself. Activate immediately after Woobox Module and restart your phone.


  • After the reboot, open the Woobox app and you will see 3 tabs. The first tab concerns the adjustment of certain Modules of the system in a state of double tab suspension. You can explore all the features that the Woobox app has. The second tab is about the changes you can make to the system. For example, if you enable the “Allow screenshot“, you can take screenshot in Telegram secret chats, etc. The third tab includes some system apps like Collection, Security, etc. You can change some of the information about these applications. As an example you can disable the 10 second wait in USB debugging. You just have to press OK during the countdown.

Woobox has more features than listed above. Don't forget to restart your device if prompted, but some actions don't require a restart.

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