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Research: Graphics card sales are in "free fall".


In "free fall they are sales on graphics cards, according to the latest data from an analyst firm

According to research by Jon Peddie(opens in new tab)(JPR), statistical analysis for the third quarter of 2022 points to a huge drop in both integrated (in-processor) and discrete (standalone) GPU sales, with sales falling overall to 75,5 million units.

This represents a percentage of his class 25,1% compared to the same quarter of the previous year, and highlights a drop of 10,5% compared to the previous quarter of this year.

Shipments of desktop graphics cards decreased by 15,4% year-on-year, while the picture is worse on notebook GPUs, where a reduction of -30%, where is "biggest decline since the 2009 recession", as observed by JPR, and it is the worst fall of recent times 13-year-old.

By breaking down the data based on individual GPU manufacturers and the overall market share they hold, the AMD was hit hardest of all as its share of the 20% market in the second quarter of 2022 dropped to 12% during the third quarter, which is very worrying for the company itself.

Η Nvidia also lost ground falling from 18% to 16% of market share, while in contrast, Intel came out the biggest gainer for this period, with its market share increasing from 62% to 72%.

We should note here that this analysis covers all categories of GPUs, both desktop and laptop, whether discrete or integrated into CPUs, which is why the Intel it does so well with its CPUs that are widely used in laptops.

We don't yet have a separate market share breakdown for discrete GPUs found in desktops, but that's certainly where Nvidia has always been leading by a wide margin in recent years.

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