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Galaxy Tab S10+: Samsung's new tablet is expected to launch with a SoC from MediaTek


A new entry on Geekbench reveals that Samsung is preparing a new tablet which will logically be the Galaxy Tab S10+.

The specific entry about the rumor Galaxy Tab S10 +, reveals the model code of the device which is “SM-X828U".

This device is shown to be powered by Dimensity 9300+ by MediaTek.

In the last four years, the Samsung has significantly increased the use of MediaTek chipsets, as there are dozens of devices with Dimensions and Helio SoC. However, something unprecedented remains Samsung to put such an SoC in a premium device, given that out of its nearly 120 devices Samsung, only in two of them their disposition has been observed.

Apart from the information about the SoC and its model code Galaxy Tab S10 +, it is also observed that the device will run the version Android 14 and how it will be available RAM at 12GB.

We look forward to seeing what comes of this option in terms of its SoC availability MediaTek. Will there be other premium/flagships down the road that follow the same tactic?

The most likely thing is to see their mood Snapdragon and MediaTek SoC depending on the market they are aimed at.

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