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Fimi MINI 3 drone: The new Xiaomi Drone with 4K video recording and 32 minutes of flight autonomy was launched in China


Fimi (one of the subsidiary companies of Xiaomi), revealed today in China the new MINI 3 drones  through the platform Xiaomi Youpin

The new Fimi MINI 3 drone is recordable 4K resolution video and has a flight range of up to 32 minutes with a single charge, while at the same time being light and easy to carry. The Fimi MINI 3 it is also available in a version with a double battery, which offers a longer flight range.

The Fimi MINI 3 is equipped with one 1/2 inch Sony CMOS sensor at 48MP, which can take video time-lapse resolution 4K @60fps, but also 8K. He is also able to succeed 12X digital zoom for greater clarity in the videos you record.

The drone uses it SoLink high definition digital image transmission technology, for the uninterrupted transmission of the content. It can through this technology achieve real-time high-definition streaming at a distance of up to 9 km.

Supports 2.4G and 5.3G dual-band WiFi switching within 9km radius and has a delay of just at 120ms. The drone also has a super night scene via Ai, which compared to a traditional ISP, the signal-to-noise ratio is improved by about 400%.

The Fimi MINI 3 it is an easy to use and light drone as well weighs just 250 grams and does not require any special flight permit, which makes its use unproblematic in most countries. The built-in battery supports the fast charging at 27W and provides the drone with a flight autonomy of 32 minutes.

The Fimi MINI 3 has one professional display and flight control system which helps the user to create stable and wonderful time-lapse video.

The gimbal that the Drone has can automatically capture video from multiple angles, and the accompanying app can intelligently compose a stunning panoramic view.

In addition to the above, the new Xiaomi drone also has a special vertical shooting function, which allows the drone to adapt to vertical screen devices, while the Tail mode provides smart flight, one-click tail movement and mirror flight.

There are multiple levels of protection on the drone for safer flights, including auto return RTH, of monitoring GPS real-time, no-fly zone auto-hover, high-wind warning and low-battery return prompt.

Pricing and availability

The Fimi MINI 3 available in two variants with single battery or dual battery. The single-battery version of the device costs 1.999 yuan (~ 276 dollars / 256 euros), while the single-battery version is priced at 2.399 yuan (~ 331 dollars / 308 euros).

The dual battery version without insurance and with insurance costs 2.299 yuan (~ 317 dollars / 295 euros) and 2.699 yuan (~ 372 dollars / 346 euros) respectively.

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