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This is the world's first foldable clamshell iPhone (DIY build by Chinese FAN)


A Apple fan from China, managed to turn his own iPhone into a foldable smartphone, introducing the world's first clamshell iPhone

Recently Samsung has focused its advertising campaign on na makes fun of Apple because he hasn't been able to release one so far foldable iPhone.

So, an Apple Fan from China, responded to Samsung's challenge, and managed to convert his iPhone in a foldable type smartphone clamshell.

The foldable iPhone built by the incredible Chinese is called iPhone v (and not to be confused with the iPhone 5), and features clamshell folding screen. In fact, the device was presented in one video on BiliBili, which is a popular video sharing platform in China.

This video also showcases various parts of other foldable smartphones that also have a clamshell design, such as the Galaxy Z Flip and Moto Razr, and following their design philosophy, Apple Fan managed to split the internal components of the iPhone he owned into two halves, and connected them together with a self-made flap.

The bottom half of the device houses the main motherboard along with the SoC and memory, while the top half of the device houses the battery along with the main and front Selfie camera sensors.

This was a year long effort, but it's still just a prototype and won't come close to an actual finished product. In fact, he himself used a 3D printer to make a shell for this foldable iPhone.

The end result shows that we are dealing with a fully functional iPhone that has a foldable screen, with the camera and other basic functions of the device also working normally.

In addition to the above, the creator of the first foldable iPhone also published one Promotional video of this device, which shows that it has connectivity to 5G networks and is powered by a chipset A16 Bionic SoC.

The front of the device houses a selfie camera at 12MP, while the device screen is oneSuper Retina XDR panel that can be folded. The device is also equipped with Pro series camera setup and has technology ceramic shield, but also improved battery life.

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