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Miui 10 for Android 8-based Mi-9 made available (CN Source)

ΈThe new Miui 10 Rom for the Mi-8 (Dipper), which is a Developer ROM and is based on Android 9, became available yesterday, but only for the China-Engilish Version and not for the Global that interests us all.

The Channge Log of the new upgrade fixes several Bugs and improves the performance of the device, while at the same time increasing the security of the System with new Securityu Updates.

The "bad" of course is that now in all ROMs that are based on Android 9 Pie, there will be Activated By Default the Anti-Rollback, a fact that will need special attention from the owners of the devices, as it will be impossible to go back to an older ROM, since if someone does something like that they will end up with a brick of their device.

It is certain that the Global ROM will be released shortly, but so far there is no specific information about the exact date.

Some of the new additions that this new version brings are the time display in the drop-down bar even when the device is in landscape orientation, and the function Quick Startup to start the Network Acceleration service automatically.

Also as the security level of the operating system increases due to Android 9, they will need to re-authorize all the applications that use the camera and the microphone, thus limiting the unnecessary access of the applications to these parts of the Hardware. your device, and thus protecting you from unintentional "intrusions" of applications into software and hardware that should not be accessible.

At the same time, Android 9, with the improvements it brings to various parts of its code, promises even better autonomy, but that remains to be seen in practice.

However keep in mind that since the ROM is not Stable but Developer (Beta test), there may be several Bugs which will be fixed in future upgrades.

The ROM is available from the Xiaomi forum, and we will have our Greek XTRV ROMs ready for you as soon as we have Source from in terms of China ROM, and as soon as Global Source comes out you will give the final XTRV ROM.

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