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Warning : Delete these 101 apps found to contain spyware immediately


As revealed by research conducted, there are at least 101 apps in the Google Play store, which were found to contain spyware, and which you should immediately delete from your device.

And in case that number isn't enough to send shivers down your spine, here's another number that's sure to shock you: 421 million. This is the number of combined downloads from Google Play Store that the headlines listed below managed to collect, and in theory at least, that's also the number of people directly at risk from these Spyware-infected applications.

The list of dangerous applications

  • Noizz: video editor with music
  • Zapya – File Transfer, Share
  • VFly: video editor & video maker
  • MVBit – MV video status maker
  • Biugo – video maker & video editor
  • Crazy Drop
  • Cashzine – Earn money reward
  • Fizzo Novel – Reading Offline
  • CashEM: Get Rewards
  • Tick: watch to earn
  • Bank Bingo Slots
  • Bingo-J
  • Jelly Connect
  • Mega Win Slots
  • Lucky Clover Bingo
  • Jackpot King – Coin Pusher
  • Owl Pop Mania
  • Daily Step
  • Get Rich Scanner
  • Star Quiz
  • Lucky Jackpot Pusher
  • Pic Pro – AI Photo Enhancer
  • PlayBox: Rewarded Play
  • Mission Guru: Brain Boost
  • Bubble Connect – puzzle match
  • Novelah – Read fiction & novel
  • InstaCash: Earn rewards
  • VibeTik
  • Bingo Tour
  • Coin Big Bang
  • Gold Miner Coin Dozer
  • Match Fun 3D
  • SurveyKing – Earn from surveys
  • Holiday Solitaire Party
  • Step Counter: Keep Fit
  • Survey Cash – Earn Easy Cash
  • Bitcoin Connect
  • Mega Blast Tree
  • Treasure Scanner
  • Mega Coin Dozer
  • TT Tube: Short Video
  • Space Pop: Bubble Shooter
  • WOW Dominoes
  • Cake Factory: Pop Match3
  • Solitaire Arena
  • Master Dominoes
  • Royal Fishing Party
  • Piggy Rush Slot
  • Fruit BigBang
  • Solitaire Go: TriPeaks
  • Casino Royale: Wild Slots
  • Coin Vibe
  • Lucky Word Club
  • Money Gun – Earn money easily
  • Weather & Rewards – Real Money
  • Witch Slots 2
  • Fruit Drop
  • Bingo Joy
  • Video Tube: Cash Back
  • Digger Master – Casino slots
  • Trend Games
  • Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards
  • bucksfir
  • NovelFun
  • PixMania: Win prizes no pix
  • MemGuru
  • Candy Gas
  • Cash Prizes – Earn Rewards App
  • Gamony : Make Money Everyday
  • OhCash
  • Youth Rewards – Cash App
  • Fantasy Pusher
  • Money Game - Win Real Cash
  • Smart Walk
  • Mania Vegas Slots
  • Tap Away 3D
  • StepWin-Pedometer & Step Tracker
  • Queen Match-Triple Tile Master
  • Fast Wallet - Earn Money & games
  • Lion Coin: The King of Rewards
  • Reweize: Earn Rewards
  • SWE Rewards “Swedswap”
  • Blitz Slots
  • Water Puzzle Captain
  • Money Tube: Video Player
  • DigiWards
  • Bitcoin Cash Giveaway
  • Money Well: Play game & earn cash
  • Stars Coin
  • Colo Chess
  • Alas win play
  • Lucky Money – Real Money Games
  • Puzzle Cash
  • Jackpot Bingo Slots
  • Pop Rewards
  • Play Tube
  • Loto Scratch and Win
  • Game Reward - Real Money Games
  • Parking Inc. 3D
  • Maya Merge
  • Royal Dice Party
  • ChipWin To 21: Go range

The above apps, in addition to flooding your device with ads and slowing down its performance, have the ability to collect information about the files stored on your devices without user approval.

Even worse, the SDK containing the spyware software embedded in these apps can transfer files from your Android phone to remote servers without your knowledge, as well as gather all kinds of sensitive data related to different sensors, and which can then be used to track your every move, both online and offline.

The really scary thing about the above list is that includes many titles that are still available to install on the Play Store, the first ten of which are extremely popular.

This is because some of the apps like the Zapya for example, they have actually gotten rid of the trojan software in the latest updates, which suggests that even their developers didn't know that Spyware code was added to the code by some third-party advertisers.

While some titles were quickly pulled by Google after its discoveries Dr. Web, other app titles continue to be available on the Play Store, which could mean that they are now completely safe to use.

But are you willing to take that risk, and can you trust a developer who either wanted to spy on you and got caught red-handed, or because he never had that intention of allowing malware to spread freely through his apps?

The decision is yours, but us we recommend that you delete from your devices as many of the applications in the above list, to give you peace of mind.

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