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COSMOTECH NEWS : COSMOTE's new technology channel on Youtube with topics worth discussing


If you are a techie like us then we can imagine how many hours you spend online searching for news, news and interesting tech fun facts in this vast place called internet

Aphew we've done our research and gathered all the relevant information, it's time to share it with you too.

Η Dafni Karavokyris And o Haris Savvantidis come to fascinate us with a new YouTube show on her channel COSMOTE, under the guidance of the expert in the field Pavlou Papapavlou and undertake the task of presenting us with developments from the field of technology, choosing the most exciting tech news and helping us to declutter from hyper-information. Her name? COSMOTECH NEWS!

And believe us, this is not just an informative YouTube tech show. In the COSMOTECH NEWS, Daphne and Harry will comment on current technological events and everything to do with product announcements, new technologies being tested, inside stories and leaks from leading brands, new big ideas from small businesses, as well as apps or updates that stir the waters.

But COSMOTECH NEWS doesn't stop there!

Offering a literally hands-on experience, the show will include product tryouts for a deeper analysis of technological products that are released or will be released in the near future in three main categories: smartphones, laptops/tablets and tech gadgets.

Also, in each episode we will learn the "technology information of the day" post Unskippable Facts, expanding even more our technological horizons and conquering another piece of information that probably never came before us until now.

Finally, the show closes by offering practical advice with How-to-Zone. How do we activate a service? How is an app, a gadget, or even a new technology product used? We stay tuned to COSMOTE YouTube channel for easy and quick instructions from Dafni and Haris that will take our hands off.

The show COSMOTETECH NEWS begins its projection on COSMOTE YouTube channel, The Thursday 4 August, the second episode of the show will air on August 18, and after a short summer break the show will continue from 15 Σεπτεμβρίου with a new episode every two weeks.

We, however, who proudly belong to the world of tech nerds, we're already excited for this new entry in tech news and look forward to every episode!

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