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Cafago : 2022 Lenovo ThinkBook 16+ Laptop (Ryzen AMD R5 6600H) at €929 from Germany with free shipping

Today this Cafago has an incredible offer for those who need a great Laptop, as he recommends it to us 2022 Lenovo ThinkBook 16+ Laptop (Ryzen AMD R5 6600H) in 929€ and with free shipping from Germany.

The 2022 Lenovo ThinkBook 16+ comes with light and thin body in Cangyan Gray color, and it is so light at 1,8 kg and so thin at 16,5 mm that you can comfortably carry with you throughout the day without tiring you out.

It has high resolution screen at 2.5K with a renewal rate of 60HzAnd 100% coverage of the color palette in RGB. Its big advantage is its portability, and you can take it with you on the trips you make, so you have an efficient way of working anytime, anywhere.

The display supports opening and closing in angle 180 °, and is suitable for multi-person sharing without repeatedly adjusting the screen angle.

Unlimited creativity and entertainment:

The new processor AMD R5-6600H in combination with IPS LED screen at 2.5K 16 inches, is ideal for both graphics creation, video editing and other high-load tasks, as well as an unparalleled video experience in audio and entertainment.

The integrated graphics card Amd RADEON 660M ensures that you will be able to play all the latest game titles without any problem.

Fast memory and fast loading:

The new generation high-speed memory LPDDR5 at 6400Mhz are the standard configurations of this Laptop, which can improve the quick start of Windows, as well as the lightning-fast launch of applications, combined with the high speed read/write data of M.2 drive.

The two disc slots M.2 2280 support the PCIe Gen4*, and provide fast read speed and facilitate future upgrades of additional storage.

Better performance with lower power consumption:

Compared to frequency memory DDR4 at 3200MHz, the last frequency memory speed LPDDR5 at 4800MHz  can be increased by 50%, while at the same time energy consumption can be reduced by 20%. Dual hard drive bits are suitable for expansion. 62Whr large capacity battery, long life, faster response and easier multitasking.

Better heat dissipation and durability:

It has a new generation heat dissipation systems ITS 5.0 which is installed in the light and thin body, which is equipped with dual fan design to ensure rapid heat emission and provide you with a stable working environment.

Instructions for updating the new computer system:

For better user experience, the Windows 11 must be updated online when used for the first time. This process can take time 30 minutes or more (depending on the specific network speed). Wait patiently for the update to complete. The system of Windows and Office have been activated.


Body Material: Metal
Processor: AMD R5-6600
Power plug: EU
Screen: 16-inch FHD high-definition screen, 2.5K IPS LED backlight display
Memory: 16G memory running memory
Harddisk: 512G solid state disk
Video card: AMD RADEON 660M integrated video card
Operating system: WINDOWS11

Package Contents

1* Laptop
1* Adaptive power supply
1* EU Adapter

2022 Lenovo ThinkBook 16+ Laptop (Ryzen AMD R5 6600H)

2022 Lenovo ThinkBook 16+ Laptop (Ryzen AMD R5 6600H)

Final price


Get it now from Cafago ...
2022 Lenovo ThinkBook 16+ Laptop (Ryzen AMD R5 6600H)
Flash Sale
2022 Lenovo ThinkBook 16+ Laptop (Ryzen AMD R5 6600H)
Get it now from Cafago ...
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If all this is not enough for you and you want something more, then take a look at the following offers on Xiaomi products that Cafago has for you.

In Cafago you can find many products at very good prices, and you can choose the shipments for your purchases, and with Duty Free (No customs).

Their shipments are fast and support all payment methods (PayPal - and all cards).


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