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Black Shark 6 : The specifications of the device were leaked


Κthere are various rumors that in March, the Xiaomi is expected to announce the new series Black Shark 6 as he had done last year with the Black Shark 5.

Today, based on leaks from the Digital Chat Station, we can see the specifications of this new series in a little more detail.

According to the leak, the Black Shark 6, will have flat screen with one punch-hole camera In the center. As for the screen resolution, it is expected to be at 2K without yet knowing its renewal rate.

Black Shark 5
Black Shark 5

The Black Shark 6 will be powered by Snapdragon 8 Gen2 as well as a battery at 5000 mAh which will support fast charging at 120W.

The main camera of the device will logically be one Sony IMX686. The leak also states that the device will feature dual symmetrical speakers for stereo output. Regarding the cooling of the device, it will have a lot possible active cooling system. Finally, the device will be made of ceramic.

If we see from Black Shark 5 and the Black Shark 5 Pro, the two devices have identical specifications with the main difference being the camera. Therefore, it is very likely for the series as well Black Shark 6 the same applies to the respective devices.

Apart from all the above, we still don't know when she plans to Xiaomi to announce the new series but it is very likely that it will happen sometime in March, for the Chinese market initially.

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Chef Melidonis February 23, 2023 at 16:54

I remember they once released a black shark with a 7,2" screen, in such a case they would release them again!!


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