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ASUS: Proceeds with an emergency recall of 10.000 ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards in the USA!

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Η Asus made the brave decision to proceed with the recall 10.000 Z690 Hero motherboards of the series ROG Maximus, which have been placed on the market of USA.

Σthe automotive industry is common to see recalls cars, in the event that they show any significant technical damage, however in his world PC computing such practices are admittedly exceptional rare.

However Asus recently made the brave decision to move on to recall of 10.000 ROG Maximus series Z690 Hero motherboards, which have been made available on the US market. This happened because a capacitor was detected, which due to its incorrect location on the motherboard may cause the motherboard to overheat, to the point where it may catch fire.

The said motherboards that are compatible with the processors 12th Intel generation relate to a batch released before December of 2021 and according to the competent committee of USA. (US Consumer Product Safety Commission), which has decided to proceed with the recall, the affected motherboards are those starting at their serial number with the letters MA, MB and MC with lot number: 90MB18E0-MVAAY0 (the serial number, apart from the packaging, should be in its place ATX Power Connector in case you want to check your own motherboard).

According to the American audit committee there were 10 cases of "melted" motherboards, but fortunately without any injury at all. Products released after January 2022 they do not have the specific dangerous vulnerability.

More information regarding this one recall of Asus motherboards can be found here.

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