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Press release

ANT1 +: The new subscription platform started with a cost of € 7.99 / month


The Group Antenna, on Tuesday April 12 2022 brings, to Greece and Cyprus, the new streaming platform ANT1 + through the site

O  Antenna Group, ο leading multinational media, content, information and entertainment organization, utilizing the experience and know-how it has due to its long-term international activity, expands its presence in the field of OTT (Over The Top) services. On Tuesday April 12 2022 brings, to Greece and Cyprus, the new streaming platform ANT1 + through the site

With the ANT1 +, subscribers will enjoy top quality Greek and foreign content, perfectly adapted to their needs and requirements. The largest original Greek productions, the ANT1 + Originals, as the long-awaited SERRES, his new series George Kapoutzidis, a large collection of popular foreign series in exclusive view, movies of big studios abroad, rich content for children, premieres of Greek movies that are currently shown in cinemas, separate documentaries, unique Live concerts and of course the program of ANT1 TV, are only in ANT1 +.

Access to the new subscription platform will be available from all Smart TVs (Samsung, LG, Android TV), mobile phones and tablets with Android & iOS operating system, as well as from computer. It ANT1 + will be available for free 14 day trial and offer to meet at €4,99 the month for the first three months while, then the monthly subscription is set to 7,99€. Subscribers will be able to enjoy content on HD quality, without ads and without commitment, while they will be able to connect to ANT1 + on 5 devices and watch simultaneously on 2 of them.

ANT1 + at a glance

ANT1 + Originals: ANT1 + has already started to create for its subscribers unbeatable series and movies equal to those of foreign producers. "SERRES" is his new series George Kapoutzidis "Opens" the way for the production of original Greek fiction of high cinematic quality that will be shown exclusively on ANT1 +.

The series is directed by Stamatis Patronis, while among the excellent actors of its rich cast are, among others, Panos Natsis, George Gallos, Lena Drosaki, Marilou Katsafadou and Giouli Tsagaraki. In 2022, many new productions will follow that will be available on the subscription platform. Among them, the large production "THE BRIDGE" which is also evolving in Athens and Istanbul, written by Costas Gerabinis and Dimitris Emmanouilidis, as well as an all star cast of actors: Manto Giannikou, Burak Hakki, Penelope Tsilika, Akillas Karazisis, Nikos Psarras, etc.THE FRIEND » of Fotini Atheridou, with George Chrysostomou, Katerina Mavrogiorgi, Michail Tampakaki, Fiona Georgiadis and many more.

International Series & Movies: In collaboration with leading studios abroad (NBC, ITV, NENT, etc.), ANT1 + will show the latest popular series, such as Devils (Patrick Dempsey), Dr. Death (Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin), Intelligence (David Schwimmer), Belgravia, and many more that will be offered in AD promotion as exclusive content. At the same time, the subscription platform's film library will include iconic foreign movie titles such as Manchester By the Sea, Snow White and the Huntsman in the upcoming years, while Gladiator.

Greek Series & Movies: Having already secured screening rights for masterpieces Greek productions such as The Man of God, Tailor, My Beloved Smyrna, Little Beautiful Horses, new releases of Greek films will be available on ANT1 + immediately after their premiere in cinemas. In addition, subscribers will have access to films of modern Greek cinema, such as Cheap Cigarettes in the upcoming years, while Love Is An Elephant, but also in favorite classic Greek movies, such as Alice in the Navy in the upcoming years, while The Red lights. Finally, by choosing ANT1 + Lite, the users of the subscription platform will be able to enjoy for free for 30 days all the new episodes of ANT1 series and shows, while the ANT1 + subscribers will have unlimited access forever to all the episodes and its huge library. ANT1 with all their favorite series.

Children: With favorite children's content, such as Shrek, Despicable Me 2 in the upcoming years, while Morph, the little friends of ANT1 + will be able to enjoy entertaining, but also educational movies and series.

LIVE channels: Endless hours of music with the latest music video clips and live concerts by top artists at Just music, classic greek comedy series at ANT1 Comedy and favorite drama series at ANT1 Drama.

Ο Bert Habets, CEO of Antenna Group, stated:

As the viewing habit in Greece turns to streaming services, the public enjoys the freedom to watch, wherever and whenever they choose, their favorite content. As an innovative multinational organization that holds a leading position and know-how, the Antenna Group recognized from an early age this change in the television habits of the Greeks and launches the ANT1 + in order to offer a modern streaming service with top quality content.

We are very happy that ANT1 + is here to offer this unique viewing experience to all members of the Greek family

Ο Antenna Group evolves and pioneers once again, offering Greek consumers the most incomparable entertainment experience.

About the Group Antenna

Club Antenna is a leading multinational media, content, information and entertainment organization, and maintains a wide portfolio of international media assets on various platforms (Television, OTT, Radio, Digital Media, Music, Publishing and Education) in Europe, North America and Austria. Club Antenna has invested in Facebook, Twitter and Spotify since their early years. Club Antenna holds a wide portfolio of media investments, including the investment bank and fund, Raine Group, the world's largest youth media group, Vice Media, the flagship television and film production company in Hollywood, Imagine Entertainment, as well as 31 channels and 3 subscription digital platforms. With a global audience of over 150 million, the ANTENNA Group continues to expand into new markets, new technologies and media.

Press Release

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