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70mai Dash Cam M500: The best Dash Cam available for your car worldwide


A new car camera model is now available in China (Dash camera) - the 70mai Dash Cam M500, which in fact becomes simultaneously available worldwide.

ΕIf you are looking for a very good camera for your car with the most modern features, minimalist but at the same time luxurious design at a moderate price, then definitely the new 70mai Dash Cam M500 will be a great choice that you can not ignore.

This is a great camera to offer 2K resolution, very nice picture and is even equipped with built-in memory.

A car camera is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. H 70mai is a well known company that works with Xiaomian, and has a number of car accessories in its portfolio, including many types of cameras (Dash camera).

High resolution and HDR support

New 70mai Dash Cam M500 comes with 2K resolution and has viewing angle up to 170 degrees. Thanks to the large field of view of the lens, nothing can escape this camera. The camera is also equipped with tHRD technology, thanks to which it can record the maximum possible detail under any circumstances. The HDR helps the camera automatically adjust the exposure so that the images are illuminated correctly wherever you are.

Also, thanks to the fact that it allows loop video recording, will also serve as an additional aid to the safety of your car when parking. It also has a gyroscope, thanks to which it can detect vibrations, about which it will then warn you and inform you about a voice message, while at the same time it will start recording what happens in your vehicle when you are away.

All of these are designed so that no important data is lost in 24-hour basis and this means that if the memory is already full, the images from the moment the vibrations were detected in your vehicle will be safely stored.

The 70mai Dash Cam M500 also has built-in storage

There is also the ability to download video in time-lapse, and can easily convert them 30 minutes video recording in just one minute, which is very important as it will save storage space. Internal storage is of the type eMMC and you can choose between three different capacities in 32 GB, 64 GB or 128 GB, while thanks ton high write speed (110 - 150 MB / s) and read speed (220 - 230 MB / s), offers you consistent recording performance without losing a frame or having errors during recording.

This camera even supports GPS and GLONASS, so it will give you, for example, information about the current speed, the coordinates, where the car is located and so on. This information can be useful in an accident, and the video can be shot with resolution up to 2592 1944 pixels x in 30 frames per second.

Voice control

The prospect of voice control seems tempting because you do not have to get your hands on the steering wheel. The camera 70mai M500 makes this possible. Messages must be in English. So you can give voice commands: for example to take a photo, take a video, turn on audio recording, turn off audio recording, turn it on or off WiFi hotspot (or turning it off WiFi ).

Support for additional tire pressure sensors

Tire pressure sensors can be purchased separately. Once you have them installed in your car, you will be able to connect them via the camera (via WiFi) and have information on the tire pressure level directly on your phone.

Video recording via WiFi

Η 70mai M500 does not have a screen, so the recorder can work through it 70mai application (Android, iOS), and through your Smartphone that will be connected via WiFi to the camera, you will be able to e.g. to have a live view, but also the ability to change the camera settings from your Smartphone.

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George May 12, 2022 at 09:45 am

nice all that the car camera does.
Does it support Greek?


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